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Dental Hygiene Session

Session £85

We advocate for an individualised, proactive dental hygiene plan that involves consistent cleaning sessions with Kathy Czajkowski. These sessions are crucial in laying the robust, long-term groundwork necessary for crafting and preserving your smile.


For children, we strongly encourage regular visits to the hygienist as well.

Surprising as it may be, almost 90% of teeth extraction in individuals over 18 results from issues like receding gums and periodontal (gum) disease.


Dental Implants From £1050 - 1150

Dental Implant Restorations From £1150

Missing teeth often lead to self-consciousness about one's smile and prompt individuals to seek tooth replacement options. What's commonly overlooked is the significant impact of missing teeth on overall dental health. 


The absence of a tooth creates a gap, causing adjacent teeth to shift and destabilise the bite. This shifting can endanger opposing teeth, potentially leading to over-eruption and eventual tooth loss.


Dental implants offer a solution by replacing the missing tooth root structure with an implant post, supporting a single porcelain crown. In cases of multiple missing teeth, several implants can anchor a fixed porcelain bridge. Dental implants stand out as the exclusive solution, replicating the natural tooth and root structure and preserving the area's blood supply. Our surgical procedure involves inserting a titanium post into the bone to replace lost teeth.  Preceding the appointment, a consultation, including x-rays and occasionally a CT scan, assesses bone quality and quantity. 


Dr. Gahan, our Specialist Periodontist, boasts over 11,500 successful implants with a 97% success rate. Rigorous care is maintained, and research underscores the impact of smoking on tissue healing, with a potential 11% reduction in success for heavy smokers.

Dental Implants
Teeth Whitening


In house power whitening: £475

At home whitening: £350

Your first impression is invaluable, and your smile plays a crucial role in shaping your unique appearance. Achieving the stunning smile you've always desired is within reach!


Factors such as consuming coffee, cola, and red wine, as well as indulging in highly pigmented foods like curries, can contribute to the dulling or staining of teeth. Our professionally prescribed at-home tooth whitening treatment offers a solution.


We provide two options: custom-made trays worn in the evening or whitening strips used once or twice a day for approximately one hour each time. These options effectively lift the tooth color by several shades, delivering radiant results and boosting your confidence to share your beautiful smile.

Crowns & Veneers

Porcelain Crowns From £750 - 850

Porcelain Veneers From £750 - 950

Porcelain crowns and veneers offer a versatile solution for transforming the colour, shape, and overall appearance of damaged or decayed teeth.


When a tooth has a substantial filling, a porcelain crown is frequently employed for restoration. Additionally, teeth with root canal fillings benefit from crowns, as these teeth can become brittle and are more susceptible to fractures. The preparation of the tooth involves creating a robust core base. The porcelain crown is then precisely fitted over this base, providing strength and mimicking the natural shape and contour of a tooth.

Veneers are thinner and are designed to just cover the front of the tooth – so when it comes to which is best for front teeth, it really depends on the severity of the tooth condition.

Crowns & Veneers
Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

From £425 - 750

When a tooth is infected, a root canal treatment becomes the essential solution to preserve the tooth.


The process involves thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canals, typically performed over multiple appointments. X-rays are taken to ascertain the number, shape, and precise length of the canals. Complete removal of all infection is crucial before the final sealing stage to prevent re-infection.


Sealing the canals ensures they remain protected from further infection. The final restoration often involves a porcelain crown, typically applied after allowing the tooth to settle, usually around six months later.


From £4375 - 4875

The Orthodontic Connection is your partner in achieving a naturally perfect smile. Whether you're an adult or a child, we utilise braces, both fixed and removable, to address misaligned, crowded, and uneven teeth. Our treatment options include a variety of fixed alternatives, such as the discreet Incognito and lingual (behind-the-teeth) braces, tooth-colored braces, and the classic metal braces.


In addition to our fixed braces, we provide the latest in Invisalign Technology – a removable, clear, and virtually invisible aligner system that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle. Let us guide you toward the smile you've always dreamed of.



From £175 - 495

Dental extractions are a common procedure performed by dentists to remove a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. There are various reasons why a tooth extraction may be necessary, including severe decay, advanced periodontal disease, crowding, trauma, or to prepare for orthodontic treatment.


The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia to minimise discomfort, although sedation may be used for anxious patients or more complex extractions.


After the extraction, patients are advised on post-operative care to promote healing and prevent complications such as infection or excessive bleeding. In some cases, tooth extractions may be followed by restorative treatments such as dental implants or bridges to restore function and aesthetics.

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